GenCon 2013

GenCon holds a special place in our hearts, and that’s why we’re really excited to be showing our film “Misfit Heights” there once again. If you are at GenCon and want a break from the crowds, stop in the Westin Ballroom IV Friday at 3:00pm. I know I’ll be there, and I may have a few free posters with me to give to the audience.

Before “Misfit Heights”, we made a short film with our friend Steve Gossett called “Ninja Laundry”. It is also showing this year at GenCon during the Comedy Short Film Block held on Saturday at 8:00pm in the Westin Ballroom III.

Though Jim isn’t in any panels this year, I’ll be moderating the “Scriptwriting for Indie Films and Series” panel Thursday at 3:00pm. I’ll also be in the “Film Financing” panel Thursday at1:00pm and the “Post-production” panel Saturday at 10:00am. There are several other great filmmaking panels being held this year, please check them out to show your support so we can keep the GenCon Film Festival going strong.