We haven’t posted any updates in a while, mainly because I’ve been busy writing a few short films, a feature film, and working on several short films for other filmmakers. But we should have some more videos up on our YouTube Channel soon. It’s kind of sparse right now, but it will grow quickly.

Our feature film “Misfit Heights” had a good showing at GenCon and we saw a number of wonderful films in the film festival. It’s always fun to attend a festival where the filmmakers are devoted to making entertaining films that they are interested in seeing. It’s what we created Unfettered Entertainment for and it makes us feel good to know there are others excited about growing and learning in this art like we are. It creates a creative community where anything can happen and we can’t wait till next year!

“Misfit Heights” also showed at DragonCon this year, but we weren’t able to attend. So I hope it had a good showing and if anyone saw it there please let us know what you thought.

“Space Ale” has been kind of slow in the post production aspect. We only have one guy working on the special effects and those take quite a bit of time to put together. Especially when you have to build several different kinds of ships. Keep an eye out because I want to start pushing this production forward, it’s time to finish this production.